It’s been almost five years since Elliott Brainard, a successful and busy architect, realized he needed to find some more natural remedies for heartburn.

A packed schedule and a lack of time for healthy choices were causing his stomach to protest. On his doctor’s advice he tried a typical prescription drug, then a common over-the-counter medicine. Neither really worked for him. And he decided he had had enough. “Why do I have to take medicines?” he thought. “Why can’t there be natural remedies for heartburn that I can use, instead of all these chemicals?”

Fast forward some weeks, and Elliott was at a party. His stomach was not feeling great. Without really thinking about it, he ate a handful of fresh blueberries offered by his host. And to his surprise, he found that his heartburn went away.

Completely by accident, Elliott had discovered that blueberries acted as a natural remedy for heartburn. Intrigued, he later dug into research, experimented with fresh and dried blueberries and learned about other botanical extracts and minerals that were said to function as natural remedies for heartburn. He enlisted friends and even his Mom, an early advocate for natural foods, to help with his project.

After much research, experimentation and feedback from testers, Elliott arrived at what is today Brainard’s Natural Remedies – a proprietary blend of ingredients that act as natural remedies to heartburn. It’s been almost five years since they launched the first commercial bottle of Brainard’s Blueberry Antacid. Since then, more and more people across the country have discovered how it is one of the best natural remedies for heartburn. Now, that is worth celebrating!