A few years ago, Elliott Brainard discovered that fresh blueberries worked like a natural antacid. Excited to find a more natural solution for his occasional indigestion, he got to work. After a lot of research and testing, Brainard’s Natural Remedies were born: a line of more natural antacid tablets for people who want to relieve indigestion and heartburn quickly, but naturally.

For the first few years, the packaging that the Blueberry Antacid came in was a deep purple color with a prominent image of a blueberry. While that seemed to work fine, the package looked a little dark, and also, sometimes people had to look at it twice to confirm that the bottle did, in fact, contain more natural antacid tablets.

Fast forward to 2014: Elliott’s team wanted to update the bottle’s look and feel to make it stand out better on store shelves, and also to make it clearer that the product inside is a Blueberry Antacid, or in other words: more natural antacid tablets.

The Brainard’s team are excited to announce that the result of the packaging refresh is now out in stores and available for purchase online, in both 30-count and 90-count bottles. Images of the new packaging are up and running on the website. And of course, nothing about the product inside has changed – it remains the same, more natural antacid tablets that people love.

So far, the feedback on the new packaging has been very good. But we’re interested in your thoughts. Does the new design help Brainard’s Blueberry Antacid stand out on store shelves? Does it help tell the story; that Brainard’s Natural Remedies is a maker of more natural antacid tablets? Please send us your thoughts and let us know how we can do even better. We really appreciate your input!

Ps. Don’t worry, the product inside the bottle has not changed. Brainard’s Blueberry Antacid is the same as ever. To learn more about the patent-pending blend of helpful ingredients in Brainard’s more natural antacid tablets, click here.