It’s that wonderful time of the year again – it’s summer! This is the time when friends and families all around the country come together to in backyards and parks, to barbecue and picnic, all while enjoying the great outdoors and each other’s company. So, what can you do to stop a sensitive stomach from spoiling the fun?

Well, aside from grilling more veggies and shepherding more healthy choices onto your plate and into your cup, there is one more thing you can do to be sure that you and your friends have a wonderful time together: make sure you have a more natural antacid on hand. Brainard’s Natural Remedies is a more natural antacid created with blueberry fiber and fruit extracts in a proprietary blend with calcium citrate and magnesium citrate. The last two are forms of the minerals calcium and magnesium, which absorb better in the body than the traditional calcium carbonate. It truly is a more natural antacid.

Brainard’s Blueberry Antacid provides quick and natural relief from occasional indigestion and heartburn and is a more natural antacid. This summer, be sure to keep it handy for yourself – and why not offer it to friends and family too. Who knows, you might just make their day – or at least save it from being ruined by a sensitive stomach!

Want to learn more about Brainard’s, and why it’s made without calcium carbonate? Read more here. Need to stock up on 30-count and 90-count bottles? Grab some right away from our online store and be ready for all that summer fun you don’t want to miss. Have a happy, healthy and heartburn-free summer!