Elliott Brainard, founder of Brainard’s, was in the middle of his career as an architect when his stomach started giving him trouble. A busy schedule and a lack of time for healthy choices were causing him indigestion. His local doctor recommended a typical prescription drug, but that didn’t help much. Elliott then tried a common over-the-counter medicine, which also failed to provide relief. All the while he kept thinking: “Why do I have to take medicines? Why can’t there be a natural antacid, instead of all these chemicals?”

This question kept coming back to him as he experimented with additional store-bought products, as well as foods that were supposed to act as a natural antacid. He even enlisted his Mom, who had been an early advocate for alternative medicines and health foods since the 1950s. Together, they did a lot of research and reading about foods that are natural antacids, but failed to completely solve the problem.

Then, one day at a party while suffering from a bout of heartburn, Elliott Brainard had a handful of blueberries from a bowl the party host had set out. And to his surprise, his heartburn was relieved! Completely by accident, Elliott had discovered that blueberries acted as a natural antacid and digestion aid.

With the help of his Mom, Elliott then dug into research on blueberries, and later experimented with different blends of blueberry fiber, botanical ingredients and absorbable minerals, which would eventually become the blueberry Antacid that’s available now. Since fresh blueberries aren’t easy to always carry around with you, Elliott Brainard (and his Mom) are happy to have created with the next best thing: a more natural antacid, based on blueberry fiber and other wholesome ingredients. Click on this link to learn more about Brainard’s blueberry Antacid – a more natural antacid.