Summer is BBQ season – and thankfully, summer isn’t over yet! At Brainard’s, we hope you have many happy gatherings with friends and family to look forward to, this month and beyond.

But as we all know, with BBQs and other fun summer gatherings come the risk of sudden indigestion or heartburn. No matter how carefully we choose the foods on our plates, a sensitive stomach can put a damper on any event.

Don’t let that spoil the fun. Be prepared, and get quick and natural relief, with Brainard’s Natural Remedies blueberry antacid. Click here to stock up today. For a limited time, we’ll even send you three trial packs to share with friends and family at your next fun food event. They may just thank you for it.

Have a wonderful (rest of the) summer and don’t let a sensitive stomach spoil the fun!

All of us at Brainard’s

Ps. Did you know that Elliott Brainard, founder of Brainard’s, first discovered that blueberries are a natural heartburn remedy? Get the full story here.