We often hear from folks around the country about why they love Brainard’s Blueberry Antacid over other natural remedies for indigestion.

Here are some of the things they say: First off, it works!

Michelle says: “Seriously; I have had the worst chest pain and in less than five minutes got better. Gone!!! This is my third time buying it.” Rebecca Nelson agrees: “I have been on prescription antacids for years. Brainard’s Natural Remedies works better than all of them!” And Joel Strom says: “It has rid me of any type of heartburn or acid reflux. I can sleep well even after eating a big meal two hours earlier.”

Another thing people tell us is that they’ve had problems with other antacids or other natural remedies for indigestion. Denise Evenglo says, “I can’t take other brands without complications, Brainard’s leaves me feeling great.” And most of all, adds Cindy Mareno, it “tastes good!”

Last but not least, Brainard’s lovers like the fact that our Blueberry Antacid is one of very few natural remedies for indigestion. “I have always suffered from acid indigestion. When I saw that there was finally an all natural product that worked, I was stoked,” says Dave Jackson. “More importantly,” adds Debra in Las Vegas, “I get to avoid the calcium carbonate and artificial sweeteners found in traditional antacids.”

Brainard’s Blueberry Antacid is made with natural ingredients like blueberry fiber, fruit extracts and absorbable minerals. It was created out of a search for natural remedies for indigestion that worked, and it is gluten free, non-GMO and vegan. It contains NO calcium carbonate. To try it out today, go to our online store.