Spring is here and many of us are looking to start some healthier habits; eat better, get more exercise, take time to de-stress, de-clutter our homes. Maybe your medicine cabinet is also ready for a spring make-over? Why not start with the heartburn medications shelf and consider a more natural antacid?

When we are first confronted with indigestion or heartburn, many of us make the journey from trying natural remedies (apple cider vinegar, papaya extract) to over-the-counter medicines (Tums, to mention one well-known brand) all the way to RX medicines. Perhaps we find that none of those work on a consistent basis. Or, we feel uncomfortable with some of the potential side effects.

And side effects do exist – especially for those drugs that were never intended to be taken long term. But even your trusty over-the-counter calcium carbonate may have links to heart disease and kidney stones and more (read more about OTC, H-2-receptor blockers, PPI and others here). So why not give a more natural antacid a try?

It’s easy to assume that a more natural antacid wouldn’t work as well. So it can come as a surprise that many folks who have tried Brainard’s Blueberry Antacid have found that it works better than conventional medicines.

For instance, Joyce, in West Valley City, UT, says: “Love your product. It is natural but more effective than any medication I have used for heartburn.”

And Rebecca Nelson agrees: “I have been on prescription antacids for years. Brainard’s Natural works better than all of them!”

As always, talk with your doctor before making a change to a more natural antacid. But generally, if you are in spring clean-up mode and find some new healthy habits that would allow you to get off RX or OTC and feel better, we would hope that he or she would approve!

When you’re ready to try the more natural antacid others are raving about, go to our store and order a bottle.

Happy Spring, and happy new healthy habits!